Hanley Wood Media, Inc


Hanley Wood is the premier company serving the information, media and marketing needs of the residential, commercial design and construction industry and is a hub of business intelligence and data-driven insights.

Through its proprietary Construction Industry Database of more than 2.5 billion records, Hanley Wood has assumed an unprecedented leadership role in helping its customers shape their offerings to the marketplace.

The Hanley Wood portfolio (M3):


Metrostudy is the industry’s largest residential data provider. We provide proprietary sets of pricing and product, sales and traffic reports blended with public demographics, economic and permit data representing 900 localities and 96 percent of U.S. markets, including over 40,000 active and future subdivisions. Metrostudy supports six major industry segments — builders and developers, building product manufacturers, financial institutions, school districts, utilities and commercial retail — with essential must-have data and insights. Metrostudy tracks more than 3.2 million lot and land parcels and gathers details on more than 100 million households and over 360 remodeling activity markets.

Hanley Wood Media

Hanley Wood Media brands enable continuous digital engagement sparked by award-winning journalism, both digital and print, and through executive-level face-to-face events. A comprehensive audience database delivers preference and behavioral data across a complete range of industry segments in residential and commercial design and construction. The Hanley Wood brands deliver continuous engagement with qualified audiences: 4 million web users, 1.7 million newsletter and 1.2 million print and digital readers, and over 1.6 million social interactions every month.

Hanley Wood Marketing

Hanley Wood Marketing solutions transform business intelligence into engaging content that drives sales across digital, in-person, social and print programs. We work with over 75 companies to develop customized, data-driven multi-channel marketing programs, including brand strategy, enterprise content management, marketing automation and digital experiences that connect every segment of the online experience. Another 175 companies rely on Hanley Wood’s marketing expertise to develop highly differentiated, value-rich content programs that rigorously connect brand to content — and content to audience needs to grow sales and increase ROI.