The 55-plus home buyer doesn’t just desire an open floor plan, they demand it. But creating the ultimate open floor plan isn’t just about taking a sledgehammer to walls (hello, HGTV!), it’s about thoughtful and creative design from the ground up. Here are a few easy ways to develop open floor plans that have pizzazz.

Use Furnishings and Lighting to Define Spaces
Carving out specific functional spaces gives buyers an idea as to how the open floor plan will flow and cater to their daily lives. Items such as area rugs and statement lighting help define different areas of the home and add interest. By using an area rug in the great room and a gorgeous chandelier above the dining area, spaces are controlled, not confined.

Maintain Design Continuity
Fundamental design elements such as flooring and recessed lighting should maintain a consistent feel in the open space. It may sound obvious, but this creates an aesthetically pleasing, seamless flow that the 55-plus buyer desires. Make sure that furniture, accessories, and art all complement each other, and check the color palette among all spaces to ensure there is a strong relationship in accent color choices and styling.

An open floor plan family room and kitchen

Standout Features
In each “zone” of the open living space, make sure there is a design feature that really makes a statement. A beautiful stone fireplace wall in the living area or statement lighting above the kitchen island gives personality to each of the spaces.

Site Lines
Keep an open floor plan just that—open. Make sure to keep the space uncluttered and don’t obstruct site lines with unnecessarily large accessories or furniture pieces. The active adult wants to envision themselves cooking, eating, and entertaining all in the same open, airy space. Something such as a tall bookshelf or bulky sectional could be more of an eyesore than a statement piece.

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