#ArchMadness2015 Round Four
When the competition began, we put together 32 of the most recent AIA Twenty-Five Year Award winners, and invertly pitted them against each other from oldest to most recent. Round Two saw an interesting batch of matches, most notably two of Kahn's projects going against one another (Yale Center for British Art vs. Kimbell Art Center). Round Three produced a peculiar collection of #EliteEight contenders to watch from the sidelines because three out of four of the bracket matches hosted D.C. buildings (Saarinen's Dulles International Airport Terminal Building, Harry Weese & Associate's METRO, and I.M. Pei's National Gallery of Art, East Building). But in the end, only the great Pei's contemporary building rose to the top, smoking the Sea Ranch Condominium by about 130 votes. Here's a breakdown of the results: 

Round 4: March 27 - March 30,2015 5:00PM

Here's what voters and competitors had to say about Round Three. To join the conversation, use the hashtag #ArchMadness2015tbvxwqvqdqrqdrafwyrvtdqcrzqtbbcdf.

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