Hiring in the architectural and engineering services sector stayed in positive territory last month, with the addition of 2,800 seasonally adjusted jobs following positive December and negative November figures. In addition to its monthly report

on the country’s economic health released this morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also released information on subsets of key markets. Below, we've broken out Architectural Services, Landscape Architectural Services, and Engineering and Drafting Services from the larger Architectural and Engineering Services category.

This data is a month behind that of the national report, reflecting market conditions in December 2015 rather than in January 2016. One could expect these sectors to follow January's general slowdown in hiring—due in part to uncertainty in global markets, cheap oil prices, talk of another increase in federal interest rates, and (less so) a mid-January East Coast blizzard—although we won’t see the extent of the impact of those and other factors on these sub-groups until February.

Charts data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics