Hanley Wood, the Washington, D.C.-based provider of media services to the construction industry, says it now has the tools to give customers a way to more reliably identify, pursue and engage with prospects virtually wherever their web forays take them.

With its new data-driven Audience Network service, Hanley Wood says it will be able to use “programmatic enabled media technology” to automate the placement of advertising on its own construction industry media sites and beyond. The company says it will be able to target prospects within the Hanley Wood audience, follow them with messaging as they move to other sites and even locate and engage with prospects who haven’t visited a Hanley Wood site.

It’s all made possible by Hanley Wood’s concerted effort to draw a more finely detailed picture of its audience—who its members are, how they navigate the Hanley Wood sites and how they engage with the content. Hanley Wood Media president Dave Colford says a company-wide CMS upgrade; the creation of a single Hanley Wood database and an expansion of the company’s data warehousing capabilities laid the foundation for being able to launch the Audience Network service.

“Harnessing the power of a cutting-edge CMS and unified audience database created far more opportunities for data capture, and we built the warehouse to meet the needs of today with planned expansion as our needs increase,” Colford explained in an e-mail. And, he added, “The combination of the three efforts allows us to provide customers with unparalleled user and audience targeting, both within and outside our network. Previously, customers had to work independently with Hanley Wood for construction industry campaigns that ran on our sites and then with third-party ad networks or directly with other site owners to target individuals who ‘hopefully’ fit a construction industry target. We have married the exacting standards we have always used for targeting ad programs on our sites with our new out of network targeting capabilities.”

The effort to build a more robust database was accomplished with both in-house resources and contracted services, and came with a price tag “well into the seven figures,” Colford says.

With the Audience Network service up and running, the company will look to engage with customers as their specific needs dictate, he explained. The proposition entails the ability of a single company to offer deeper campaigns that reach across the web; better measurement of targeted construction audience campaigns; and “real-time audience performance optimization.”

Armed with better data that offers a more revealing look at audience behavior, Hanley Wood, Colford says, is ready to begin helping customers reach prospects more on their own terms.

“We’re giving them an opportunity to get in touch with prospects wherever they may land,” he says.


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