We can envision aspects of smart homes and technology as part of our lives in the future, along with more intangible aspects like improved health and wellness. Most of us would think of the sci-fi version that features Jetsons-esque capabilities. While that is one version of the future, what does the future of volume building have in store?

Creating repeatable, efficient, and cost-sensitive product is the magic behind top builders’ operations. Meritage Homes—ranked No. 7 on the Builder 100 with 6,522 closings in 2015—aims to gather insight into future home resiliency with the Meritage reNEWable Living Home project.

CR Herro, vice president of environmental affairs at Meritage, recently spoke with us about how this project is going to be an industry best practice focused on building science innovation in many areas of the home, including the building envelope and smart controls.

Under the leadership of Meritage CEO Steve Hilton, the company is driving the innovation that will maximize home operations and change the way that home buyers perceive what a home can do. With this project, homeowners will have the power of choice to change, adapt, course-correct, and improve their immediate surroundings in ways that improve their lives.

The reNEWable Living Home will compile and refine the best ideas into a single-story home during the next year, to eventually be revealed at the 2018 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. Throughout the process, Meritage has selected partners to identify areas of improvement and ways to rethink resiliency solutions.

Herro shares some of the most pressing challenges to make this project a success, including identifying technologies that can be scaled out for the average home, capturing and connecting the product to the home buyer’s true preferences, and making sure it all comes together in a cost-effective way.

Herro and his team are preparing to break rigid rules on what and how to build, how to work with manufacturers, materials suppliers, and skilled trades, and redefine workflow models to put consumers’ needs in the center of all its processes. You can track this project and the holistic approach of meshing the aspirations of the consumer with the future of reNEWable homes at builderonline.com/renewable.