A Karoleena prefab home.

At British Columbia-based Karoleena Homes, company execs realized early on that a major part of the home building process wasn't optimized for producing the highest quality product with the greatest efficiency, says co-founder Kurt Goodjohn.

The perceived flaw? Building homes on-site.

Inspired by luxury factory-built homes they'd seen in Europe, the founders decided to shift gears and adapt modular building practices. Karoleena Homes started its own factory, which allows for oversight and quality-control along with significant cost and time savings, Goodjohn explains.

Since that first game-changing decision, the firm has continued to seek methods of innovation, offering fully custom-design services and highly energy-efficient construction. That drive made exploring the potential of smart home technology a natural next step, says Goodjohn.

"We see technology everywhere in our lives, and the single best opportunity is in the home," he says. "We want to be most technologically-advanced homes in the world, and in order to do that we needed to start partnering with smart technology companies."

After testing multiple systems, Karoleena chose to partner with Core Brands and is now including the company's Elan g! Control System in every new house it builds.

Key to selecting the system were its ease of use, potential for customization, and the ability to control multiple systems from a single interface, Goodjohn says. "We tell our clients that every home comes with its own brain."