(Aug. 16 update: The Remodeling 550 now has been released. Click here

for highlights.)

Top lead sources used by replacement contractors in the 2016 Remodeling 550

The 150 replacement contractors in this year's soon-to-be-released Remodeling 550 took in $2.38 billion worth of revenue last year and expect to see that total increase by 27.2% this year. That's more than five times the growth rate that full-service remodelers on the list are forecasting. How do they get all that business? This chart gives a clue.

We asked replacement contractors to list which of 27 popular marketing techniques that they used. Of those, the company's website led the list, followed by referrals, word-of-mouth advertising, signs on trucks and at job sites, and repeat customers. Also note that Internet referrals from social media--a source disliked by many full-service remodelers--finished sixth.

We also asked that same group to tell us which lead sources were among their three best. Referrals, previous/repeat customers, and events/home shows proved most popular.