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The 2015 Hanley Awards Go To...


The Hanley Foundation and Hanley Wood announced today that Gail Vittori, co-director of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems in Austin,Texas, has been selected as the  recipient of The Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainability.  The Hanley Award is recognized as the largest and most prestigious annual award for sustainability in the built environment.

Now celebrating its sixth year, The Hanley Award is sponsored by The Hanley Foundation and supported by Hanley Wood’s BUILDER and ARCHITECT publications and EcoBuildingPulse.  The award is dedicated to identifying and honoring individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary, lasting, and far-reaching contributions to sustainability, and who have greatly influenced policy and industry response to critical environmental challenges in the United States.

“Gail is a humble person and extremely generous with her time in mentoring young professionals,” said Michael J. Hanley, president of the Hanley Foundation.  “She’s been a dedicated and passionate advocate for sustainability, bringing best practices to health care facilities, design, construction and operations.  I’m very excited that Gail is the first woman to win the Hanley Award.”

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The Hanley Foundation and Hanley Wood announced today that The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) headquartered in Annapolis, Md., will receive the second annual Hanley Award for Community Service in Sustainability.  The award, with its $25,000 grant, was created to recognize community-based and non-profit organizations working to advance sustainability and environmental awareness in the host cities of the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which takes place this year in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1967, CBF is one of the most successful environmental organizations.  Its work includes  educating students and the public about the Chesapeake Bay and the thousands of rivers and streams that feed it; restoring oysters, streamside buffers, and other natural filters; advocating successfully for programs to reduce the pollution  degrading these waterways; and litigating when necessary.  CBF, through its commitment to environmental building and educational outreach, has earned its reputation as a leading practitioner of sustainable building, beginning more than 30 years ago with design and construction of residential environmental education centers.

Michael Hanley, president of the Hanley Foundation and creator of the award, who has been involved with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation over the years, states,  “Their commitment to sustainability has paved the way for the design/construction of two of the most sustainable buildings in the world.  They have also been a shining example for other companies and non-profits to design buildings that are not only good for the environment, but beautiful and functional, as well.”

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