The United Kingdom’s National House Building Council (NHBC) Foundation has taken it upon themselves to encourage kids to pursue careers in the housing construction industry. Using LEGO figurines, the team has created a dynamic, and engaging, short video encouraging kids to pursue a career path in the housing-building industry so that, “You can be a part of people’s dreams of owning a new home.”

The U.K. is facing the same labor shortage in the construction industry that the United States is. In a recent survey by the NHBC, only 42% of parents said that they would encourage their children to go into the housing-building industry. The video is the launch of a new initiative to turn the tide in the field's labor shortage.

As reports,

"The new online LEGO film from the NHBC Foundation aims to showcase the wide range of career options available to young people and encourages them to visit the Home Building Federation’s comprehensive House-Building Careers online resource.

Research from the CITB has found great opportunities for career progression with 38% of people entering the industry as apprentices reaching manager level. Seven out of 10 people who enter construction spend their whole working lives in the industry.

People joining the industry have the opportunity to work for some of the most successful companies in the UK - there are currently four major house-building companies listed in the FTSE 100.

With unprecedented levels of demand for high quality new homes across the UK, the house-building industry is experiencing an acute skills shortage. With the most recent ONS figures showing that there are 20,000 current vacancies across the industry, now has never been a better time to begin a career in the sector."