With over one million visitors each year, ConcreteConstruction.net is the industry’s number one information source. For 60 years, Concrete Construction has brought the knowledge you need to design, produce, and build with concrete and now it’s all available in a fresh, simple, and easy-to-navigate format.

With a new software engine behind the site, Brightspot, we now bring you up-to-the-minute news on the industry and more in-depth articles in a more intuitive and organized site. There are only four main tabs for everything: Products, Projects, Business, and How-To. Whether you want to learn about a new model of power trowel or understand how to cure a concrete slab, it’s all here.

On the Products tab, you can find every new product release in the industry from over the past few years. Products are divided into Concrete Construction Equipment & Tools, Concrete Construction Materials, General Construction Equipment, and Decorative & Concrete Surfaces. Most Innovative Products provides details on the entries and winners from the past eight years at the World of Concrete.

Under the Projects tab, visitors will learn how new materials, equipment, and construction techniques are being used in real-life situations. The projects are listed in categories that correspond to the use of the structure: Commercial/Industrial, Infrastructure, or Residential, with a special section on Repair/Rehab. This will get visitors quickly to the type of work they are interested in.

The Business category is a place where contractors go to learn about running their operations smartly. The Management tab includes articles on safety, training, the economy, and industry issues. The Technology tab covers things like software, site layout tools, and communication equipment. The Business tab is also where you will find profiles of the people that make the concrete industry great: concrete contractors, the guys out there putting themselves on the line every day. The final category under Business is World of Concrete where we have a wealth of information on the show, past and future.

For 60 years, Concrete Construction magazine has been the number one source of knowledge on how to design, produce, place, and repair concrete. The How-To section is divided into construction, materials, site prep, and repair. Visitors to this tab will be able to access an unbelievable archive of how-to treasures. And with our new, faster search engine, thousands of articles can be sorted through in seconds. Beneath the abstract for each article you will keywords—click on a keyword to see hundreds of article directly related to that subject.

The final tab is for those working with decorative concrete, polished concrete, and surface repairs. Concrete Surfaces magazine covers anything that happens to concrete after it’s placed: overlaid, stained, polished, or coated. This tab includes a special Troubleshooting section, written by industry experts to help visitors solve their most vexing problems.

On the home page you will also find our Voices section: opinions and insights from our editors and columnists. This is also where you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter and find videos from concrete job sites, the World of Concrete, and interviews with industry pros.

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