If your idea of content marketing entails dropping the occasional blog post online and hoping it makes a splash, you may need to rethink your strategy. Taking your content-marketing campaign from good to great means always being on your A-game, focusing with laser-like precision on your target audience and constantly refining your methods until you find the perfect combination of strategy and tactics that helps you achieve your goals.

First, pay attention to customer personas in content marketing.Overall, you absolutely must pay attention to audience profiles, also called customer personas. Sound marketing strategies always begin with customers’ needs, an important element in content-marketing campaigns. Without a well-developed customer persona, your content will settle at "good" when it should be "great."

So, just what is a customer persona? It’s a comprehensive and detailed portrait of an imaginary target customer. The Content Marketing Institute provides a round-up of resources to help you develop insightful profiles to refine your content-marketing strategy. They’re worth checking out before you proceed with your own content marketing plan.

Once you've got your customer persona squared away, you're ready for those five tips to great original content. ...

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