Whether you want to run a casual blog, or you want to sell products more effectively, having a good website is non-negotiable. The problem is that it’s not enough to buy a domain name, pay for hosting, install WordPress, slap on a nice theme, and then call it a day.

Attracting visitors to your website – especially the kind of visitors who will convert into customers – requires careful planning and constant work. There are a few very important things about online marketing that every artist, blogger, service provider or entrepreneur needs to know, but first, let’s look at what makes digital marketing methods different than traditional methods.

Digital vs. Traditional
MarketingAttracting customers to a physical store relies on several factors. But when it comes to the online world, there are different rules at play. You want people to find your product using certain keywords, products, and services related to your niche. If your website doesn’t appear near the top for a given set of keywords, then you’re not going to get a lot of vital visitors.

So, what should an aspiring online entrepreneur focus on? Here are the six most important points that you need to cover. ...

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