With most of the world accessing the Internet for information from mobile devices, mobile marketing is a must. Business executives rely on mobile devices to access information just as much, if not more, than consumers. The fact of the matter is, the world is more likely to have a mobile device in their hand instead of a computer and catering to trends and demand results in larger profits and brand stability.

Mobile Reliance on Consumer Review Accessing
Roughly 40-percent of consumers use mobile devices to research consumer reviews. Include in your mobile-friendly version of your brand’s website a mobile-friendly customer review section. It is ideal to make these available in chronological order from newest to oldest. Allow visibility of positive, negative and neutral reviews as all aspects of a company matter to consumers when it comes to making buying decisions.

Access to reviews on a mobile device is an indirect way to market the brand. Make reviews of your brand available on multiple channels including on mobile applications and mobile-accessible websites such as Yelp, as an example.

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing
Email marketing is still relevant. What has not become completely mobile friendly yet is email marketing. With 99-percent of brands using email marketing for promotions, adaptations to traditional practices must be made. Consumers should have mobile-friendly versions of the same content that is displayed on your brand’s website with clickable links. Those links should redirect quickly to access brand websites to convert advertisements to sales.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages
Brands consistently change their landing pages to reflect a new product or service launch. These can be made more appealing with the use of photos and video clips that are also mobile-friendly. The landing pages should be identical for both mobile web users and traditional web users. ...

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