Analyzing the impact of your content doesn’t need to be a costly endeavor. These nine analytic tools are free (or almost free). Identifying which ones help inform your content marketing goals, using them regularly, and adjusting your content so your results are aligned even better with your objectives will boost the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

1. Google Analytics
The first, most important, and the ultimate tool that every website manager and marketing expert needs is Google Analytics. It’s among the best ways to get vital information about the performance of your website and the content with which your audience engages the most.

Google Analytics gives comprehensive demographic data about your audience. It measures engagement, helps you determine which topics are most liked, and identifies where the audience is coming from. You can rely on Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts, as well as your other custom campaigns.

2. Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools is equally important for measuring the results of your marketing efforts.

You can track keywords for which your website has ranked, the number and quality of backlinks, as well as the number of indexed and broken pages. You receive error messages and reports that can be used to improve your website’s performance and boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts to reach the right audience.

Free for personal use with the ability to upgrade, is a content curation and analytical tool used by over 1.2 million people and companies.

Basically, its own network publishes and shares your posts and plugs into any mainstream social tool (like Buffer).


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