Implementing a successful mobile SEO strategy in 2015 will definitely give you a competitive benefit. The number of mobile users are rapidly growing day by day, a recent study explained that 74% of mobile users use search engines to make a purchase. This makes it very important that you optimize your website for small screen devices to target the mobile users and improve the user experience in mobile devices. Mainly there are 3 configurations which can be used to develop the mobile website: 1. Responsive Web Design- Responsive design can serve the same HTML on the same URL according to device’s screen size. It adjusts the web content according to the user’s device. 2. Dynamic Serving- In this approach website is served with different HTML code on the same URL. It depends on the user agent that is requesting the page. 3. Separate URLs- In this method different URLs are being served to users. It means that both desktop and mobile versions are being developed for a website and being served to the user according to their device. 

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