Simplifying the process is a primary concern for content marketers. As organizations get larger and more complex, they switch from having one person who handles social and PR to hiring whole teams to handle different aspects of the content marketing process. These might include search teams, SEO teams, and PR teams.

The problem arises when these teams get tunnel vision, focusing on what their metrics are without understanding and contributing to the whole vision of the marketing department. Silos develop, creating a domino effect of increasing complexity. In my role at Adobe, one of my major initiatives focuses on breaking down these silos.

How do we knock down silos to simplify content marketing?

The key to begin crumbling silos within your company is to get your whole team on the same page with a clear definition of the overall company marketing goal. This way, you can determine what the priorities should be within the company and put other initiatives on the back burner if need be. To understand this, we can turn to mathematics.

Get your marketers to think like a team

My son has been working hard to learn how to add fractions. The other night, he asked me to help him with a problem and I had an epiphany. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I learned this stuff in my elementary school math course. When I looked at the problem for the first time, it seemed impossible (just like it did years ago). The three numbers were so unlike each other. How could they possibly end up being one number?

Of course, I had to consult with Google and conjure up my vague memories of school math lessons. And, I discovered one concept that, while useful in helping my son, was much more useful for solving the silo problems that plague many cross-functional relationships.


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