Needless to say, we live in a digital world. From businesses to social organizations and even governments, everyone is trying to reach their audience through the digital media. But the plethora of marketing avenues within the space hasn't been easy to navigate for many, especially in an opportunistic manner. Add to that, multiple devices and newer platforms aren't helping solve this conundrum for marketers. In an age of evolving technology, it is not only hard to keep up, but also cope up.

The modern day CMO's job is much like modern day parents who have to constantly update themselves with new age lingo's/ styles and keep a tab on what their kids are taking a fancy to. Apart from the Herculean task of becoming tech geeks and familiarizing themselves with the latest in digital innovations, marketers also have to ideate on how to integrate it into their marketing strategies. All this, with a third eye on engagement and earnings!

But what's baffling is the short life of the exercise. The world of digital marketing is changing so rapidly that what used to be the next big thing is already turning obsolete before our eyes.

It's probably a safe time to say that 'digital' as a separate entity is dead. It is 'the 'marketing' of today. Once haven been given the step-sisterly treatment in the entire marketing strategy plan, digital has slowly made its way into the space of traditional media and today stands proudly as a core part of every marketer's big scheme! In some cases, the entire marketing plan is based on the digital media!

What does the crystal ball say? ...

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