Your success in digital marketing depends on how you leverage data to its greatest effect – and who will help you in your journey.

Digital marketing can mean different things to different people.

- For some it means, using non-traditional channels like social media, electronic newsletters, or multi-touch nurture streams to reach audiences and measure the effectiveness of those outreaches.
-For others, digital marketing means analyzing as much data as possible to uncover actionable insights that help drive marketing efforts.

No matter how you look at it, several interesting trends are worth noting when it comes to how digital is viewed within the construction industry, both from a marketer’s perspective as well as from the audiences that marketers are seeking to reach.

Download this playbooktbvxwqvqdqrqdrafwyrvtdqcrzqtbbcdf to learn why it is important to consider a blended approach to your marketing efforts and how to target messaging in the channels where you audience lives each day.