A few weeks ago, an article on the CMI blog generated a small debate in the comments. The article, by Neil Patel, shared eight content marketing innovations from the world’s best brands. Most of the companies featured were large, which led to a conversation about whether big companies have an advantage over small ones because they have bigger content marketing budgets.However, our most recent research, B2B Enterprise Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, sponsored by Marketo, shows that large companies are often more challenged when it comes to content marketing. This makes perfect sense because the content marketing process is so much more complex for large enterprises with multiple divisions and product lines. Among the findings:

1. Twenty-eight percent of enterprise marketers consider themselves to be effective, compared with 40% of small-business marketers.

2. Fifteen percent say they successfully track ROI, compared with 25% of small-business marketers.

3. Enterprise marketers are more challenged with nearly every aspect of content marketing when compared with B2B marketers overall.


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