Back-to-back 2016 product launches highlight Hanley Wood’s commitment to deliver on its data-driven positioning.

Important Details:

So far in 2016, Hanley Wood has announced the launch of two platforms, MetroStudy OnTarget and DataScale, focused on further leveraging its unique data assets through workflow solutions.

Acquired by Hanley Wood in 2012, MetroStudy announced the release of OnTarget, a consumer intelligence platform that provides a view into housing preferences across 100 million US households. OnTarget’s 10,000 database attributes support creation of customized consumer segments that help their B2B clients target and engage directly with the consumer housing market. OnTarget builds on MetroStudy’s residential remodel stronghold with the addition of new residential construction data. Key OnTarget applications targeting client advertising and marketing ROI include identification of ideal prospects, market prioritization, and capital risk assessment.

Jumping into the data-as-a-service melee, Hanley Wood’s DataScale offer is a full-service lead-generation platform focused on helping customers maximize internal data assets and optimize their sales and marketing automation investments. Key components of the DataScale platform include:

  • Data hygiene and enrichment tools that leverage Hanley Wood’s 2.5 billion record construction information database of people, places, and products to help manage internal customer and prospect files.
  • Audience targeting and segmentation.
  • Audience development, lead generation, and nurturing capabilities.
Since 2007, Outsell has been tracking the rise in Direct-to-Customer (D2C) marketing activities that redirect marketer dollars from media companies to their own efforts. DataScale creates the opportunity for Hanley Wood to recapture marketer spend by way of a self-service platform that meets needs formerly outsourced to agencies and service bureaus. DataScale also enables account-based marketing through:

  • Entity mapping: Hanley Wood’s proprietary company and product hierarchies support account-level marketing focus.
  • Intent tracking: Contact profiles informed by monitoring user behavior resulting in high levels of personalization critical to increasing conversion across the marketing and sales funnel.
  • Platform Integration: Smart data drives up ROI on client CRM and marketing automation investments.


Leading with data supported by workflow is a scalable model that has served Hanley Wood well. Hanley Wood embraces (and helps drive) the convergence of B2B and B2C. B2B marketing traditionally leverages targeted media channels to reach niche audiences. B2C marketing traditionally relies on a wide range of media channels to reach massive audiences. OnTarget positions Hanley Wood to grow its reach in the form of a B2B2C supply chain extension that marries access to a high-volume consumer audience with the focus of business marketing. This is not an easy model to master, as marketplaces like Porch have struggled to generate sufficient activity to cement a B2B2C foothold. Hanley Wood has the benefit of priming the pump with hyper-niched consumer data to power outreach through its range of media channels.

Both Hanley Wood platforms demonstrate strong data business fundamentals:

  • Comprehensive smart data assets: Billions of data points linked in multiple dimensions that are repurposed to scale across applications.
  • Hyper-niching: OnTarget supports applications that meet the specific data embedded workflow needs of industry roles, from builders to building product manufacturers and utilities.
  • Value-added data standards: Built from disparate public residential data sets from across the US, Hanley Wood has established a common data structure that adds inherent value. This transformation from raw data assets to smart data powers everything from DataScale’s matching technology to OnTarget’s analytics.
  • Subscription-based data licensing as the core offer supported by transactional and service add-ons.
With successive rollouts, Hanley Wood continues to expand delivery on its promise of a tightly connected ecosystem of data, media, and marketing. OnTarget stands to disrupt agencies and media sellers by capturing greater share of wallet funneling into national consumer marketing, while DataScale seeks to assist B2B clients from prospecting right up to point of sale. With data as the backbone, look for Hanley Wood to continue its push to own the B2B2C customer journey. ...

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