Any This American Life  junkies out there? This public radio show, which reaches over 2 million listeners every week, captures extraordinary stories of ordinary Americans. We fans are a passionate crowd. We easily recall our favorite episodes. My friends often hear me say, “Did you catch that story of  . . . ?”.

While I am ridiculously interested in how these stories are told, I also use This American Life as a case study for how to present your stories to the right person at the right time.

While I have considered This American Life a great example for some time, this idea resurfaced when Scott Abel presented the seven rights for excellent customer experiences with content during Intelligent Content Conference. As Scott explained, this is what today’s content creators must aim for:

The right person to get
The right content
At the right place
At the right time
In the right format
In the right language
On the right device

This post breaks down how the team at This American Life thinks about each of these “rights” in a way that will help you consider how to deliver the best possible experience to your readers and listeners.


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