Events are a very impactful part of your marketing programs, or should be. They are typically seen as an easy way to get new names, or showcase the brand to your target audience. However, most companies let their event programs live on an island, far away from the realm of their company initiatives. This year, Marketo is putting together the Marketing Nation Engagement Lounge at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival. The Engagement Lounge is set to be the hottest marketing lounge in Austin this March, with 12 content sessions featuring top level marketers from brands like GM, Philips, esurance, Mashable and many more. Event attendees will be treated to a variety of entertainment, from themed cocktails to an interactive GIF Photobooth. The Engagement Lounge will be a great place for people to step out of the chaos of SXSW and unwind! Putting together an Engagement Lounge is not an easy task, however when done correctly, it can be extremely effective! Check out these important tips for planning and hosting a large scale, multi-channel event, and you’ll be sure to see the return you’re hoping for! 

Start Early.
 I can’t stress this enough, planning for events of this scale take time—and approvals. If it’s a new adventure, I suggest attending the event first and then starting the planning process immediately after. Create a timeline, and stick to it. With a timeline in hand, you’ll know when certain flags need to be raised or if you need to adjust your course of action.

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