By now, you’ve probably heard some insane success stories about quizzes and assessments that have gone viral.

One oft-cited example is a quiz from The New York Times, which was the newspaper’s most shared article in all of 2013. And we’ve all taken a Buzzfeed quiz (or fifty), right?

You may not be The Gray Lady, or even the viral media powerhouse of the day, but you can borrow their tactics to get unprecedented results in your B2B marketing.

Unconvinced? Here’s what assessments can look like for B2B.

What Do You Mean By “Assessment?”
Sometimes called a persona or personality test, an assessment is an interactive questionnaire structured to match people with specific personalities, patterns, or identities based on their responses. For example, data backup and disaster recovery firm Unitrends created a “What Kind of BDR Superhero Are You?” assessment to learn more about the BDR systems their audience prefers.


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