The Avocados From Mexico campaign is writing the textbook on how social media can leverage traditional advertising.

Want to get over two billion (yes, with a “B”) social impressions nearly a week before your commercial spot is aired? That’s is what Avocados From Mexico (AFM), in its third year entering the Super Bowl advertising space, just accomplished.

Every year dozens of brands meet in one of the most competitive advertising spaces: The Super Bowl. All showcase their most creative work through multi-million 30-second and one-minute TV spots, but the most digitally savvy compete to dominate the conversation in the ever-evolving social space.

In it’s first two years entering this advertising arena, AFM ranked #2 among all brands in terms of digital engagement, based on impressions. Last year, the brand’s Super Bowl campaign garnered more than 133,000 social mentions and at least 828,000,000 impressions. This year’s campaign, using the hashtag #AvoSecrets, is poised to deliver triple the reach.

According to Simply Measured, AFM’s digital campaign has already delivered more than two billion impressions. Yes, that’s two billion. The first billion was hit five days before the big game and billion more between then and kickoff.

How does a smaller brand that started participating in one of the largest social conversations just two years ago achieve these results among some of the most digitally savvy (and significantly larger budgeted) brands?

“Everything we do within our Super Bowl campaign is done with the intention of having people participate in our conversation,” says Ivonne Kinser, digital marketing director at Avocados From Mexico, who led the strategy for the Super Bowl digital activation. “With that conversation comes genuine, authentic word-of-mouth interaction and advocacy that does more than any strategically crafted message can.”

After chatting with Kinser, Entrepreneur distilled AFM’s strategy into three key steps that any business can learn from and follow. ...

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