The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is an age-old problem that is often lamented, yet rarely solved. A new survey report, conducted by Demand Gen Report and sponsored by InsideViewtbvxwqvqdqrqdrafwyrvtdqcrzqtbbcdf, shows the lack of alignment is actually becoming a bigger problem today and the disconnect is having a direct effect on bottom line performance.

Crack The Code Of Sales And Marketing Alignment uncovers why sales and marketing teams are not aligned. These findings not only expose the quantitative measures of effects on performance, but also expose underlying attitudes that fuel misalignment pain.

Interestingly, both sales and marketing say contention over leads isn’t the top contributor to misalignment. Communication, cited by 49% of respondents, is by far the greatest culprit. Broken and flawed processes (43%), as well as sales and marketing being measured by different metrics (40%), rounded out the reasons for the gap between sales and marketing. ...

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