What’s on the mind of the world’s top marketers? Well, the Marketing Society’s second 24 Hour Global Conversation report has some of the answers.

Over a 24-hour period, Bloomberg Media, which compiled the report, spoke to 26 senior marketers across four continents. They were asked to identify the greatest opportunity and challenge for their business in 2016.

When this research was distilled, it was apparent that there are five key areas clients are grappling with – digital transformation, cyber security, the collaborative economy, customer-centricity and talent (they are summarised below).

The Marketing Society will delve deeper into these challenges this year through a series of events.

The overall mood was nonetheless positive. It was captured by one of the participants – Darren Woolley, the founder and global chief executive of the Australian marketing management consultancy TrinityP3 – when he said: "2016 is going to be the year of the marketer. I believe we will see marketing come back to the forefront of business following the realisation that it is essential to capturing and engaging customers’ attention and ad dollars." ...

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