Today’s marketing leadership appears quite a bit different than it might have a decade ago. Marketers today are required to be more agile, analytical, and customer focused than ever before. According to recent study by Heidrick & Struggles, CMO candidates hired in the past 18 months are far more likely to:

1. Have direct experience managing digital media projects
2. Possess analytical experience
3. Understand CRM; customer loyalty, or retention strategies
4. Hold an MBA

In order to become competitive as a top-level marketing executive at a large organization in the years to come, it’s critical for today’s marketing to take a hybrid approach to strengthening their inbound marketing skill sets. It’s clear that a broad range of experiences and competencies can only benefit both your career and the brands you serve as a professional.

Inspired in part by Heidrick’s research on today’s Chief Marketing Officer, we’ve addressed several types of skills and abilities upwardly mobile marketing managers should focus on in the years to come.


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