Peter Goldstone

CEO, Hanley Wood

The media industry is changing and getting disrupted at a rapid pace. Technology implementations are impacting every area of the marketing landscape. Those who embrace this shift can flourish. By 2016 CMOs will command a larger budget dedicated to technology investments than even CIOs or CTOs. The implications are many for the media and information sectors. Our new true north and our tagline “where data drives action” is a reflection of this. We call it M3. Metrostudy data that informs, media that connects and marketing that activates. The three pillars are allowing us to get into our customers’ workflows with new offerings where we are actually managing our customers’ databases and partner with them on their go-to-market strategies. These workflow solutions are a far cry from being perceived as purely transactional suppliers. The technology investments CMOs in construction are making in their own media and their own CRM platforms mandate that we provide services and solutions that support those investment decisions. We in essence are become their primary sales and marketing funnel-management partners. Advertising and event activity and marketing-services engagements are created out of this new model. I think this is the golden age of media and marketing. Never before have we had so many ways to help our customers grow. Exciting times indeed for Hanley Wood and media and marketing executives willing to adopt new partnership models.

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