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  1. Geoff Graham says:

    I appreciate the sentiment. As quality-oriented businesspeople, we bristle whenever we see that a customer's interests aren't being cared for. However, history suggests that the benefits of regulation tend to drift away from the customer and toward the most entrenched and influential service providers in an industry. This is referred to as Regulatory Capture:

    Before introducing additional regulations that deter more talented businesspeople from entering the profession and hobble small businesses owners who lack the bandwidth to invest their time in parts of the business that don't create value for themselves or their customers, let's scrutinize existing regulations and see which merit repeal. Where might we be creating incentives for unprofessionalism? How might we be insulating entrenched businesses from competition against new, younger, or smaller companies? In what ways do our regulations push people away from one product or service to another?

    I shared my own view on this topic in an opinion piece here a couple years ago:

    As much as I disagree with your prescription, I completely support your call for a greater appreciation for and advocacy of quality in the remodeling, building, and real estate development professions. Regardless of one's perspective on regulation, every business owner can begin solving this problem today by choosing to do business with companies who share a commitment to quality, and focusing on making our own companies as great as they can be.

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