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  1. Daniel Gallegly says:

    So the lion and lamb CAN lie down together….I KNEW it was possible!

    This post is has quite the insite I believe for those of us in the Lead Gen business, for if a company only engages in in-bound marketing there is no real impetus for the intended prospect to do anything besides just 'ingesting' the material, however in-bound marketing certainly does 'tee it up' for the outbound marketing function to enter the scene and make something of value happen.

    I can personally attest that this marketing mindset works, at least in my area of expertise. Inbound marketing helps to lay the ground work for a relationship to happen between the company and the prospect, and in a sense, gives the company the right to start the sales process, and ultimately win the prospect over in the end.

    Daniel Gallegly
    Director of Marketing
    Durante Home Exteriors

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