Renowned experts map critical path to sustainability for residential construction industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 13, 2012) — ECOHOME magazine unveiled some of the major findings from its Vision 2020 editorial research initiative, which culminated last week with the Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit in Washington, D.C. The event encompassed an unprecedented gathering of renowned experts representing ten critical focus areas of sustainable design and construction.

"The goal of the initiative was to identify sustainability metrics, milestones and opportunities that strengthen the foundation of the industry and move it forward," said Rick Schwolsky, Editor in Chief, ECOHOME. "The initiative exceeded expectations and unveiled actionable insights, innovations and ideas for high-performance housing."

Led by Schwolsky, Vision 2020 is a consortium of industry thought leaders committed to mapping a clear path and course of action toward sustainability for the housing industry. The group convened in Washington, D.C. on September 5 to share eight months of guided research and analysis into the critical issues facing the industry including progress within the building sector on environmental metrics, new directions for regenerative design, groundbreaking research into community planning, and the opportunities that exist in delivering the technologies, products, and performance measurements needed to produce sustainable housing.

Recommendations and conclusions of the groundbreaking findings will be prominently featured in a special Vision 2020-themed issue of ECOHOME magazine in November, and online at Featured content will include:

• Regenerative Design (Bob Berkebile, BNIM): Strategies to return to a conscious unity with nature through regenerative design in large-scale projects

• Sustainable Communities (Christopher Leinberger, The Brookings Institution): Addressing climate change through walkable urban developments and why Washington, D.C. could be a national model for planning

• Energy and Carbon (Edward Mazria and Francesca Desmarais, Architecture 2030): Updates on progress toward the 2030 Challenges for Buildings, Products, and Planning, as well as the debut of the 2030 Challenge Palette

• Materials and Resources (Nadav Malin, BuildingGreen): The necessity of transparency • Water Efficiency (Carole Baker and Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency): Ten steps to reducing the water footprint of the home of tomorrow

• Indoor Environmental Quality (David Jacobs, Ph.D., National Center for Healthy Housing): Reexamining the definition of health and the role our homes play in our wellbeing

• Products and Performance (Alex Wilson and Peter Yost, BuildingGreen): Addressing the relentless nature of physics and the relentless physics of nature to create resilient products and projects

• Building Systems Research (Michael Dickens, IBACOS): The characteristics and challenges of the next housing market, with a focus on transforming poor performance

• Market Transformation (Cliff Majersik, Institute for Market Transformation): A look at how recent codes and their enforcement have affected energy performance and where upcoming codes and enforcement efforts will be pushing requirements next

• Green Building Codes, Standards, and Rating Systems (Sam Rashkin, U.S. Department of Energy): A look at codes and standards from a systems perspective, with a breakdown of labeling programs on the market and in development

The Vision 2020 initiative was sponsored in 2012 by Hanley Wood and Boise Cascade, DuPont Building Knowledge Center, GAF, Knauf Insulation, Panasonic, Sherwin-Williams, and Velux. The editorial initiative will continue its research and explorations with another phase in 2013.

To learn more about the section chairs and the work uncovered in each of the ten Vision 2020 focus areas, visit

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