Reflects the Company’s Position as a Hub for Business Intelligence and Data-Driven Insights

WASHINGTON (September 16, 2015) — Hanley Wood, the premier company serving the information and marketing needs of the construction industry, today announced a major repositioning of its brand. The move reflects the increasingly complex needs of Hanley Wood’s customers, who collectively represent one of the most significant pillars of the U.S. economy.

Under a new tagline — Where Data Drives Action — Hanley Wood now goes to market with a new value proposition that reflects the company’s position as a hub for business intelligence and data-driven insights. Through its proprietary Construction Industry Database of more than 2.5 billion records, Hanley Wood has assumed an unprecedented leadership role in helping its customers shape their offerings to the marketplace.

“We’re at the center of a construction marketplace that is revitalized. Customers need business intelligence, actionable data and strategic insights,” said Peter Goldstone, chief executive officer.  “Our database is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive source of business intelligence derived from Metrostudy and Hanley Wood brand interactions. All of the data is cross-indexed by the people, places, products, firms and projects that make up the residential and commercial design and construction industry.”

The Hanley Wood portfolio (M3) is founded on three pillars: Metrostudy, Media and Marketing.  Metrostudy — data that informs. Media that connects. Marketing that activates. Customers now have access to an unequalled integrated portfolio that can span insights from the Construction Industry Database, precise market sector expertise, marketing activation development and highly targeted face-to-face events. The outcome: proven, revenue-driving results.

Goldstone added, “We’ve made multimillion-dollar investments in transformational acquisitions and state-of-the-art data and technology platforms. We celebrate the vast knowledge and quality of our people. It was time that our brand story reflected the realities of a renewed Hanley Wood.”

Hanley Wood’s brand repositioning will manifest itself through future product announcements and the company’s continued investment in its data platforms, brand portfolio of digital content resources, customized marketing solutions, and analytics tools. The new positioning will inform everything from industry thought leadership to internal culture-building initiatives.

The Hanley Wood Portfolio

Metrostudy is the industry’s only integrated business intelligence solution. We provide proprietary sets of pricing and product, sales and traffic reports blended with public demographics, economic and permit data representing 900 localities and 96 percent of U.S. markets, including over 40,000 active and future subdivisions. Metrostudy supports six major industry segments — builders and developers, building product manufacturers, financial institutions, school districts, utilities and commercial retail — with essential must-have data and insights. Metrostudy tracks more than 3.2 million lot and land parcels and gathers details on more than 100 million households and over 360 remodeling activity markets.

Hanley Wood Media brands enable continuous digital engagement sparked by award-winning journalism, both digital and print, and through executive-level face-to-face events. A comprehensive audience database delivers preference and behavioral data across a complete range of industry segments in residential and commercial design and construction. The Hanley Wood brands deliver continuous engagement with qualified audiences: 4 million web users, 1.7 million newsletter and 1.2 million print and digital readers, and over 1.6 million social interactions every month.

Hanley Wood Marketing solutions transform business intelligence into engaging content that drives sales across digital, in-person, social and print programs. We work with over 75 companies to develop customized, data-driven multi-channel marketing programs, including brand strategy, enterprise content management, marketing automation and digital experiences that connect every segment of the online experience. Another 175 companies rely on Hanley Wood’s marketing expertise to develop highly differentiated, value-rich content programs that rigorously connect brand to content — and content to audience needs to grow sales and increase ROI.

Data Points

Hanley Wood’s customer-driven purpose statement is “Hanley Wood informs and connects the businesses and people who build a better world.”

Hanley Wood’s core values are Inform. Connect. Activate.

  • Inform decisions. Connect with buyers. Activate engagement.

The tagline Where Data Drives Action respects the unmatched expertise of our people in helping translate information into solutions serving the needs and desires of an increasingly complex industry.

The refreshed visual identity will deliver a continuous experience for customers in the digital and social landscape.

Executive Insights

Peter Goldstone (Chief Executive Officer)

“I see my role as the chief ‘momentum’ officer. We continue to invest in our data, digital, and marketing organizations to ensure we keep pace with our audiences and our customers.”

“I call this the golden age of media and marketing. Never before have we had so many ways to serve the industry. The media landscape is unrecognizable from what it was just a few years ago. I’ve never been more excited about how we can help our customers grow. We are incredibly bullish about the industry and our role at the center of it.”

“Together, our intelligence, insights and actions connect the industry from end to end — from pros to manufacturers to distributors and consumers. No one else can execute on that.” 

Matt Flynn (Chief Financial Officer)

“All of our investment activity over the last several years has been directed to our data and digital strategic properties. Every investment that we make must be filtered through the screen of engagement with our audiences and helping our customers grow.”

Dave Colford (President, Media)

“Hanley Wood intelligence and the insight it provides drives the innovative action and outcomes that are essential for business success.”

Andy Reid (President, Digital)

“Data has no value unless it’s analyzed and transformed into game-changing strategies that can boost ROI and grow business — and that’s where we come in.”

Chris Veator (President, Metrostudy)

“A strategy without data is like building a house without a blueprint — it lacks the precision and predictability you need for success.”

Frank Anton (Vice Chairman)

“For almost 40 years Hanley Wood has provided the best link between building industry professionals and building product manufacturers.  How that’s accomplished has changed over time, but that link is stronger than ever.”

Jeanne Milbrath (President, Marketing)

“A story is one of the world’s most effective selling tools. To gain true brand affinity and engagement, companies must discover their story and infuse it with humanity and passion. Today’s buyers will accept no less.”

About Hanley Wood

Hanley Wood is the premier company serving the information, media, and marketing needs of the residential, commercial design and construction industry. Utilizing the largest analytics and editorially driven Construction Industry Database, the company provides business intelligence and data-driven services. The company produces award-winning media, both digital and print, high-profile executive events, and strategic marketing solutions. To learn more, visit