Buy Custom Programs

Let Hanley Wood create a turnkey marketing solution specific to your business needs that will generate leads, build your brand, and engage your customers. With custom programs, you can reach more customers, in more ways, more often.

Branded Content

Branded content supports your marketing efforts and the information needs of your target audience. Whether licensing published articles or creating to your specifications, Hanley Wood can deliver a content package that promotes deeper customer engagement with your products and services than traditional advertising.
Ask about: Slideshows, videos, content packages, interactive components, custom publications

Custom Education

Hanley Wood Education provides you with the ability to develop and deploy a customized learning management system that delivers your coursework and training programs with impact. Designed to reflect your brand, this turnkey platform is fully-hosted, managed, and supported to enhance your strategic business initiatives.

Ask about: Course development, course sponsorship, course extensions, course renewals, newsletter sponsorships

Customer Research

Surveys and research programs help businesses find and classify customers, understand market behaviors, and hone their brand message. With access to potential customers and strategic insight into the residential and commercial building industries, Hanley Wood can design, develop, deploy, and analyze research programs that result in actionable intelligence.
Ask about: Online surveys, focus groups, local market data, social media research

Incentive and Loyalty Programs

Your customers are your number one resource. We all know it is more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to find new ones, but Hanley Wood can also help you get the most out of your customer base. Our incentive and loyalty programs help you reward and engage with your best customers, building your network by turning customers into advocates.

Ask about: Referral programs, co-op and rewards programs, engagement events, network promotions

Lead Programs

Lead management solutions address a universal need felt by businesses: to increase sales. These programs can be designed to generate new leads by leveraging Hanley Wood’s subscriber database or to qualify existing leads with timely response-based campaigns that shorten sales cycles. Match lead programs with content packages to create an ongoing lead nurturing solution.
Ask about: Email promotions, microsites, newsletter campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, custom events

Product Awareness

Product awareness programs seek to increase your audience share within a product category by associating your brand with a specific claim, feature, or value proposition. Positioning the brand in relation to the rest of the space promotes category awareness and thought leadership, which in turn supports product sales.
Ask about: Topic pages, white papers, microsites, social media campaigns, custom events

Sales Enablement

These programs address your need to support sales teams with tools that are more functional and cheaper to produce than traditional collateral, such as printed catalogs or sell sheets. Certain programs also allow you to monitor how sales materials are used by the customer—valuable insight that can be passed on to marketing managers and sales teams.

Ask about: Digital catalogs, slideshows, mobile apps, sales training programs