Market Intelligence: The Power of Information

Data Aggregation and Analysis to Meet Your Business Needs

Market Intelligence

The decisions you make have consequence.  Long term and immediate investments of millions of dollars are often at stake.  Measuring real risk, identifying opportunities, and understanding the intricacies of your market are essential elements of success in the real estate industry. Builders, developers, banks, manufacturers and retailers all rely on Metrostudy’s market insight to support business decisions providing a strategic advantage in their planning, whether at the local, regional or national market level.


Metrostudy maintains the country’s largest primary database of housing market information. Every calendar quarter our researchers drive the streets of every platted new-home subdivision inspecting every home site and compiling the most accurate market data in the industry.  When you make decisions, you want to know that the data is accurate. You’ll have the most complete and accurate information on undeveloped and vacant developed lots, real housing inventory, product and pricing.

We then compile more information—data we obtain from other sources on future developments, demographics, deed records, tax assessors records as well as economic data, and other data points related to the local and national economy. All of this information is delivered to you via our Metrosearch suite of applications—cutting-edge computer applications that allow you to sort information, run reports, and create graphs and thematic views on Market Maps you define, from one subdivision to an entire city or county.

Analysis and Consulting

When you need solid due diligence and decision support, Metrostudy’s consulting services can address all your custom research needs. Whether you have a local, regional or national focus, Metrostudy consultants are experts in dissecting the market forces your investments or projects will face. We’re here to help you understand how to minimize risk and maximize opportunities for your business, so you can make decisions with confidence.

Metrostudy experts produce the best-documented, most complete, and most comprehensive market studies available customized to your needs. We can provide anything from quick preliminary analyses to fully documented studies that stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

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