How a Breakthrough Information Strategy Helps Power BPM Sales Success

A leading building product manufacturer wanted to move the customer conversation from price to value. Metrostudy delivered an enabling sales solution that elevates the company’s sales representatives from vendors to trusted partners.

In the battle to claim their fair share of orders from a resurgent home construction industry, building product manufacturers (BPMs) are aggressively moving to lock-up relationships with contractors. As a substantial improvement to old school promotional tactics like discounts, rebates, co-op dollars and other sales incentives BPMs use to help grow dealer volume, a growing number of innovative BPMs have added one more: market information.

One leading BPM has shown the way with an innovative strategy to provide their customers with proprietary market intelligence. The program, while in its early stages, is already hailed as a great success for building the company’s brand and driving sales by helping dealers identify and win new accounts.

To illustrate sales performance, one of the BPM’s dealers credits the report to identifying a local market prospect that they quickly converted into a new, top-tier customer.


A key element to the BPM’s staffi ng initiative was a decision to use market information as a way to forge a new dimension to the sales representatives’ relationship with contractors.

Critical Value-Added Difference

“We wanted to layer on a level of value contractors couldn’t fi nd elsewhere,” explains the company’s project lead. “The goal was to position our sales reps as consultants. Let’s provide our reps with high-value market information that would demonstrate our value-added difference and help contractors win more business and, of course, sell more products.”



The Metrostudy report—called the Builder Segment Snapshot Report— is customized for each sales region. The report methodology includes field-collected data of new home activity for all local builders, including small and custom players. The Metrostudy fi eld research organization is the U.S. housing industry’s largest, with more than 350 fi eld surveyors researching more than 2.8 million lots across 30,000 subdivisions and 174 full and partial MSAs every quarter.

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