Market Intelligence: Benefits of Membership

No two markets are exactly alike. In fact, individual markets within the same region have their own characteristics and market influences. As a Metrostudy Subscribing Member, you have access to the nation’s foremost local housing market analysts. These experts provide in-depth analysis about development, marketing, and economic issues, helping you stay informed about market risks and opportunities.

Members receive:

  • Private consultations with local and regional market experts to address your specific market opportunities and challenges
  • Access to more than 35 regional quarterly market briefings exclusive to Metrostudy Members
  • Subscription to Metrostudy’s suite of application and information services including Metrosearch and Analytics. Metrostudy’s innovative web-based applications also include Metrosearch USA and INSIGHT; services that allow you to spot key housing supply and demand trends for all 50 states and 361 CBSAs


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